7 & 15 Series ice and water dispenser

Introducing Follett’s new 7 and 15 Series Sparkling water and ice dispensers. These new dispensers produce up to 125 lbs. per day of Follett’s consumer-preferred Chewblet® nugget ice and deliver both delicious sparkling and chilled still water. Chewblet ice and sparkling water – together at last!

Only 14.62″ (37.1 cm) wide to conserve counter space; 7 Series countertop model is only 17.62″ (44.8 cm) tall to fit under wall mounted cabinets
No drain is required;
place it anywhere there are water and electric utilities
Agion® antimicrobial treatment1 of critical components inhibits bacteria and biofilm growth on the treated surface
Energy and water consumption is less than similar sized cube type ice makers
Capacitive touch dispense eliminates direct contact with ice
Consumer-preferred Chewblet® ice and optional water filtration provide high quality refreshment

W1 Width of sensor cover14.62″ (37.1 cm)
D1 Set back from face of the dispenser3.93″ (10.00 cm)
D2 Depth of sensor cover5.07″ (12.88 cm)
D3 Depth from back of sensor cover to back of the dispenser7 Series – 13.01″ (33.0 cm)
15 Series – 14.05″ (35.7 cm)
D4 Depth of dispenser7 Series – 22.12″ (56.2 cm)
15 Series – 23.50″ (59.7 cm)
H1 Height of sensor cover3.35″ (8.51 cm)
Approximate shipping weight10 lb (5 kg)

Sanitary dispensing with no hand contact.
Available as a kit that is user installed on new and existing countertop and freestanding dispensers.
Minimal assembly required. Remove and discard existing lid. Connect wire harness from new dispensing kit assembly to control board. Attach dispensing kit lid to dispenser.
90 day parts only warranty.

Weight93 lbs (42 kgs)
Dimensions14” W x 17” D x 50.5” H
Cold Tank Capacity3 gallons (11 Liters)
Hot Tank Capacity0.5 gallons (1.8 Liters)
Dispense Area10.1” H (256mm H)
Reverse Osmosis80 gallons per day
ReccomendedDo not exceed 60 psi
Rated Voltage120v/60hz | 220v/50hz
Power ConsumptionHot: 4.0A/410W | Cold: 1.5A/110W

7 and 15 Series Sanitary Solutions

Touchless SensorSAFE Antimicrobial shield ™ kit
– Hold hand over sensors for sanitary, touchless dispensing.
– Available as an optional accessory kit for new and existing countertop and floor standing dispensers.


Antimicrobial shield
–– Covers the capacitive touch interface to improve sanitation when dispensing ice and water.
– Disrupts the cell functions of bacteria, yeast, molds, and fungi, inhibiting microbial growth with Agion® technology.
– Standard on all 7 and 15 Series models effective September, 2020.
– Shields are available in packs of 5 or 50 for application to any existing 7 or 15 Series models.