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Welcome to Ultimate Water of Texas!

Ultimate Water of Texas is dedicated to providing our customers the highest performance water, ice, coffee and air purification systems in the marketplace today. With ongoing research and development we strive to provide the highest performance systems for today and tomorrow.

Our Pure Water Technology® bottle-less water coolers are a cost effective way to Go Green while bringing fresh, pure, oxygenated water into your workplace. No longer will you have to deal with high cost, hassle, and environmental concerns of bottled water delivery services. At Ultimate Water of Texas we believe that pure water is essential to health and wellness, and consuming water should not have to damage our environment. Over the years we have expanded to include ice , coffee and now air and surface sanitization.


Just like most great ideas, it all started with a need. In 2003 it was the need to eliminate the hassles of lifting and storing heavy 5 gallon water bottles. In 2013, we realized that bottled water is more than a hassle, its an environmental threat and there was a need to do our part in alleviating it. In 2020 and beyond it is the need to keep people safe and healthy in the workplace. At Ultimate Water we are always learning, growing and adapting to bring the best available products to you and your employees.



Now more than ever, environmental responsibility is of the upmost importance. Since 2003, Ultimate Water has been at the forefront of the Go Green movement in regards to drinking water. By replacing bottled water with PHSI’s Pure Water Technology you will enjoy glass after glass of pure, delicious oxygenated drinking water that is better for you and better for our planet. Ultimate Water provides safe, healthy, sanitized water at the push of a button. It’s not bottled, it’s better. Go Green!


Being well hydrated is essential to our bodies and immune system’s ability to function. Traditional water coolers are a high cross contamination area and can easily spread viruses and bacteria. Ultimate Water of Texas is committed to keeping your workplace safe through our CLEANCONTACT™ Anti-Microbial Touchpad, an organic anti-microbial coating that helps maintain the cleanliness of the dispense buttons. Additionally, we now offer completely hands-free water dispense via or foot pedal options if you wish to completely eliminate the need to touch the machine.

What’s So Bad About 5 Gallon Jugs?

If you’re from Houston you probably are familiar with Marvin Zindler’s famous “slime in the ice machine” line. Unfortunately, the line can be used for your 5 gallon jugs too. Think about your traditional 5 gallon cooler like your dog’s water bowl or a swimming pool. What happens if the water sits undisturbed for a while? Green slime and bacteria grow. Bottled water companies remove chlorine from the water in the purification process, so there is nothing to protect the quality of the water once it has been unsealed and exposed to air. When you go to dispense yourself a glass of water that slime and bacteria ends up being consumed by you. Ultimate Water of Texas is the only provider in the market that injects activated oxygen into the coolers holding tank daily to prevent the growth of slime and bacteria, keeping you and your employees healthy and hydrated safely.


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